Masjid Al-Falah | Islamic Learning & Information Centre

Management and Our Staffs

Management & Our Staffs

Towards a Mosque of Excellence by Propagating Islamic Values


To be an Islamic Information Centre by propagating Islamic teachings in the English language
To be a Learning Centre for Secular and Islamic Knowledge in the English language
To provide welfare assistance to the needy
To instil Islamic leadership values and qualities in youth through the Youth Unit
To inculcate Islamic family values and qualities through the Family Development Unit

Mosque Management Board (MMB) Members

Most of the mosque in Singapore are managed by a pool of volunteers. They are appointed by Muis and have a typical cycle of 2 years. They are referred to as Mosque Management Board and have different roles overseeing different functions in the mosque i.e. Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and members.

14th Term, 2015 – 2017

Executive Chairman Haji Yahya Hashim
Vice Chairman Haji Sanwan Rais
@Pak Salem
Secretary Muhsin Md Moasi
Assistant Secretary Ahmad Kamal Abdul Ghani
Treasurer Kaymi Jamil
Assistant Treasurer Nur Syahidah Amran
Member Johari Ridawi
Member Adam Awyong Leong Hwee
Member Ibrahim Salima
Member Md Danial Fadzlon


Mosque Staff

Head, Ibadah & Dakwah Ustaz Ibrahim Samat
Head, System & Services Noor Khairiyah Abdul Rahman
Finance & Facilities Executive Masrihani Mansuri
Imam Executive Ustaz Ismail Hashim
Management Support Officer Haji Shamsudin Ali
Marcom Executive Siti Sa’aidah Sairi
Youth Development Officer Muhd Shahrum Sahid
Administrator Nur Hanis Abdul Hamid
Islamic Learning Officer Danial Ahmad
Maintenance Support Officer Rapsan Sarwar
Maintenance Support Officer Surani Semo
Maintenance Support Officer Muhammad Kassim
Maintenance Support Officer Mohammad Faizal
Maintenance Support Officer Famie Irzan