Al-Falah Mosque Official Logo

This logo was designed by Mr Hj Sanwan Rais, former Chairman and present Vice Chairman of the Mosque. The logo was unveiled during the official opening of Al-Falah Mosque on 25 January 1987 by Dr Ahmad Mattar, the former Minister for Environment and Minister In-Charge of Muslim Affairs.

  • The logo reflects the Arabic word "Al-Falah" which means "success".
  • The boundary signifies the mosque areas.
  • The letter "Ha" symbolises the crescent that shines and shows the place for Muslims to uphold the Islamic teachings.
  • The letter "Fa" reflects the dome found in a mosque.
  • The official colours are gold and gray.
  • Gold signifies the Muslim ettiquette and gray signifies peace.
Ayça Halı Yıkama
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