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Al-Falah Youth (AFY) established in 1998. They are the youth wing of Masjid Al-Falah, Singapore.
the four thrusts of AFY are:

  1. Mentorship
  2. Community Service
  3. Awakening Spirituality
  4. Outdoor Experiential Learning


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Journey Of Life

Journey of Life (JOL) a sub-committee of AFY, is partnered to Community Leaders Forum (CLF) through Yayasan Mendaki. JOL is conceived as an attempt to engage and motivate Muslim youths in their studies as well as to foster character human development through 15 sessions of mentoring programme. We aim to prevent and stem negative behaviour from developing in the early stages in order to migitate possible occurrences of delinquency & social development. During our sessions, we will be guiding youths in having awareness of themselves and their surroundings by inculcating empowering life skills that improve their self-management & conduct with other people & their surroundings. This will help them to interact healthily and make them realise the possible impacts of their actions within the community. At the end of this journey, participants will have gone through a maturing process and be equipped with important life skills which will allow them to have a more positive outlook on daily happenings & challenges.